Stephen A. Smith Put ESPN in Weird Situation after Max Kellerman & Skip Bayless Controversy

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Before we say anything, the only person we’ve ever seen Stephen A. Smith loyal to in his professional career, has been Skip Bayless. Back in 2009, Stephen was fired from ESPN, after a crazy situation with higherups. In 2012, he was brought to start First Take, on the backing of Skip. That show lasted four years until 2016, when Skip smartened up and went to Los Angeles for FS1 with Shannon Sharpe.

Since that time, Undisputed has been beating First Take in overall digital views; which is oddly what ESPN cares about over television. Last year, reports surfaced that Skip’s contract with FS1 was coming to an end. ESPN was planning to throw money at Skip’s direction, even if it meant he would be exposing the network’s most prized possession (see: Akron).

In that time, Stephen A. was adamant on reuniting with Skip on First Take, which didn’t sit well with Max Kellerman. The two-man show has never been made for a third-wheel, which we would’ve seen Max get demoted. This has created an awkward environment off the air for the two personalities at ESPN, as Max hasn’t been liked by those in power at the station.

Surprisingly, fans have been siding more with Max, more in particularly black people, who love when he speaks out on social issues. With Mr. A reluctant to speak out and voice his opinion on issues without pissing off the higher ups, many have tuned out and found zero tap dancing with Shannon Sharpe at FS1. Mr. Sharpe, who’s a respected NFL legend, never holds his tongue to speak out on things; which is why Skip brought him to the show.

We’re curious why anyone would even think of leaving the beautiful weather in Los Angeles for New York. That played a big role in the decision and comfort level Skip Bayless wanted to have.
Back to Max Kellerman, we’re surprised he’s been this great on First Take. However, that show has no passion behind it. No one has a specific team or player they’re passionate about, it’s just random screaming. On Undisputed, you know Skip and Shannon battle over LeBron James, the Dallas Cowboys and Tom Brady being the GOAT.

We’re not sure if First Take has a purpose right now, with the exception of ESPN loyalist. Max is expected to remain professional about the situation, as he just signed a multi-year deal to also cover boxing with Top Rank. Our advice would be to get with Al Haymon and Floyd Mayweather.

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