Stephen A. Smith Reacts To D’Angelo Russell Getting Busted with Weed on ‘First Take’

You know Stephen A. Smith will not waste any time to say “STAY OFF THE WEED” on ESPN and D’Angelo Russell’s latest run-in at La Guardia Airport was his time to do it.

As you may have read, D-Lo was caught with weed in his ice tea bottle a few days ago, while traveling to Kentucky for what we presume is the Kentucky Derby this weekend. He was cited by TSA for possession of marijuana.

Stephen A. took to First Take this morning to react to the news, saying Russell may have put his free agency money in jeopardy because he could have gotten overpaid by an NBA team for leading the Brooklyn Nets to the playoffs, but now this blemish on his record could prevent it from happening. He also said he’s not opposed to players smoking weed, he just doesn’t want it to happen during the season.

Of course, Max Kellerman was pro-weed in his stance on the subject.

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