Steve Stoute’s Plan to Resurrect the Knicks Like Drake, Has LeBron James Agency Looming

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This week, the New York Knicks formally announced Steve Stoute to pilot their new rebranding initiative. While team owner James Dolan isn’t looking to sell the team, he’s put some very recognizable people in charge. Last week, he hired LeBron James’ former agent, Leon Rose, as the new President of Basketball Operations.

Now a week later, another right-hand guy of Klutch Sports has been brought into the mix, with Stoute overseeing business moves. The Knicks have brought in Stoute to use his leverage and attract big name free agents for the summer of 2021.

This week, Steve was guest on Disney’s First Take, as he prematurely revealed the franchise’s plans to bring in a new coaching staff and overhaul the entire staff of behind-the-scenes people that have been collecting checks for decades. With another lottery pick in play, the team is already building on recent drafted players RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson.

Stoute even went as far as compare the move to Drake’s initial brand-ambassador role with the Toronto Raptors, that led them to a championship.

After landing Kawhi Leonard last year, the team won its first ever NBA Championship and has found a successor and franchise replacement with the emergence of Pascal Siakam. That same plan is what Steve plans to do for New York and land a big-name free agent, with help from friends at Klutch Sports.

Take a look at the clips below of the introduction.

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