Steven Adams & Enes Kanter Release ‘Russell Westbrook for MVP’ PSA


The talk surrounding this year’s NBA season is how beastly Russell Westbrook has been playing without Kevin Durant, tallying a historic number of triple doubles unseen since Oscar Robertson. The man has 33 on the year already and could be poised to break the record before the season ends. That’s not even including the fact that the Oklahoma City Thunder are in the playoff race and currently sit as sixth in the Western Conference standings.

To promote the ‘Russell Westbrook for MVP’ sentiment that has been floating around the league, the ‘Stache Brothers (aka Steven Adams and Enes Kanter) have cooked up a video hailing their teammate as the best of the year. They admit to loving Westbrook more than The Notebook, puppies, trees and their mustaches.

He’s got our vote, for sure. Here’s to them going deep in the postseason too.

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