EXCLUSIVE: The Breakdown of LA Clippers Not Wanting Montrezl Harrell, Skip Bayless Confirms Our Report

no dickhead distractions from coaching or the locker room

Yesterday, Skip Bayless confirmed our story from September, that the Clippers didn’t want Montrezl Harrell back. The reigning sixth man of the year, went to the Lakers on a 2-year, 19 million deal.

This was an absolute steal for LeGM and the Lakers this fall; which is kind of disrespectful to the league. If you remember over the summer, we broke down the blowup incident with Montrezl Harrell and Paul George, which separated a few players on the team.

During the season, Montrezl had an inappropriate incident with a female reporter that was swept under the rug; as well as big a name on social media alleging that he was the person that recorded Kawhi in a club. Well, it got to the point, where no one in the organization wanted him back, starting with ownership and the coaching staff.

Many felt that he was immature, as Jerry West realized a change of scenery was best for Montrezl. Kawhi tried to help Montrezl stay focused on the court, and lead by example with good play. However, Leonard would get injured in game 5 of their series against the Denver Nuggets, and the rest was history.

Due to inhouse bickering with Paul George, it was the icing on the cake for Mr. West to get rid of Harrell. Montrezl felt him and Lou Williams built the team, but he’s not realizing they didn’t make the playoffs after Lob City. The franchise was never going to pick him over Paul George, or trade PG-13 like many felt would happen.

Now in a new situation with LeGM, he’ll be on his best behavior to not disappoint the guy most of the youth in the NBA sadly looks up to. Best wishes, not really.

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