The Evolution of LeBron James’ Free Throw Shooting Technique This Season

LeBron James has spent so much time beasting this playoff season (and much of the regular season), putting up numbers that are better than anything we’ve ever seen before. And this is coming from an NBA Champion and MVP Finals and regular season winner. It’s really crazy.

Obviously when you’re playing at a ridiculous level, several aspects of your game that are not as important will be overshadowed. For example, his free throw shooting.

He’s shooting a career worst by a significant factor and he hasn’t figured out why yet. That’s why ESPN dug deep into what he’s been doing this season with his shot. Turns out he’s switched up his style 18 times (and they even went on to name each of them), whether he dips, stares or does absolutely nothing. Even an avid Cleveland Cavaliers fan probably didn’t notice this.

But now we’re going to pay attention every time he gets to the line.

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