EXCLUSIVE: The LeBron James & Kyle Kuzma Locker Room Meltdown after Dallas Loss, J.J. Reddick Trade Update

One more to go. . .

For whatever reason, the Los Angeles Lakers currently have league’s second-best record at 17-3. Even with the best record in the west, the team is desperately fielding trade offers for J.J. Reddick and others not named Andre Iguodala they have plans for; as LeBron may have finally found a way to have the last person moved.

On Sunday, when the team finally played an above .500 squad, they suffered an embarrassing blowout home loss to the Dallas Mavericks.

Visibly frustrated with Luka Doncic’s play, LeBron threw blame at teammates for missing layups and not playing defense; something he’s well familiar with. However, this continued after the game, as LeBron ALLEGEDLY went on a second profanity rant on his teammates, including calling out Kyle Kyzma in-front of the entire roster.

While Kuzma didn’t engage with a war of words, we’ve been told the general feeling around the locker-room was that he was officially on the trading block. The only person who didn’t back down and voiced his opinion back, was Rajon Rondo. However, Kuzma is the person that shouldn’t be blamed at all, as he’s missed all but the last three games of the season. Kuz is still working himself back into game shape, after having a fractured foot.

Kyle’s already won the team two games, after also missing their entire training camp and pre-season. At the moment, the Lakers are looking to move Kuzma and either Avery Bradley or Troy Daniels to the New Orleans Pelicans for J.J. Reddick.

By the end of the month, when they finally start playing teams with winning records; we should know if the Lakers are taking this season serious or playing down to their low competition like we’ve seen all year with close games. Their 17-3 record isn’t impressive, because they haven’t beaten anybody respectable.

This is the first of many rants we expect out west, when they’re playing good teams. Let us know in the comments if you think Kuzma is being unfairly treated.

Where it all started. . .

Calling out danny green over a missed layup

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