EXCLUSIVE: The NBA’s Secret Plans to Restart the 2020 Season & Stars Backstage Issues

Odd this isn’t being covered

Yesterday, Adam Silver issued a press statement on the NBA’s plans to return to action this summer. Surprisingly, the story wasn’t covered by major media and glanced major names in sports media. However, this has been in the works, since the initial beginning of COVID-19.

The original layout for plans was suppose to happen on the first of this month, but was delayed. Throughout the year, the league has lost millions in revenue, from a 25% decrease in ratings viewership, and nearly a billion from the season being shut down for the last 2 months.

With some practice facilities open for teams, the league is advanced stages of outlining official dates for their return. Due to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announcing certain businesses can open, the league is waiting for clearance. The plan for teams returning is to play two locations in Orlando and Las Vegas, beginning in mid-June.

The season is expected to last almost a month, with playoffs starting by July and concluding before October. However, many players have been vocal about not being in favor of this idea.

From what we’ve heard, LeBron James has been most vocal about not wanting to go to Las Vegas and finish the season. He wants to be able to spend nights at his home in Los Angeles or just have the season scrapped. Teams like the Golden State Warriors, who have the worst record, find returning is pointless as well.

The NBA is making it apparent they have to return to at least gain some revenue they’ve lost from the season being cut short. With the playoff situation, nothing is expected to change this year, as all series will be under 7 games. With the final concluding in early September, the season is likely to return on X-Mas day.

This will be the last year of a regular season, in a sense, as we’ll be seeing numerous tournaments played out through the seasons ahead – as the NBA looks to continue making changes to a sport that’s lost their core audience. Once the CDC makes a formal announcement in a few weeks, you’ll see the NBA jump out the gate first at returning.

Key Points:

• 4 week season returning before July (likely late June)

• Playoffs start before August (likely late July)

• Finals in Early September

• 2021 Season begins X-Mas Day

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