EXCLUSIVE: The New York Knicks Are Trying to Get Trae Young & The LaMelo Ball Draft Situation Update

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With the NBA season set to return in just a few weeks, the New York Knicks have been the most aggressive team for the off-season. After witnessing Kevin Durant change his mind at the last second on them last summer and join Roc Nation’s Brooklyn Nets, the Manhattan team wants their next star.

Behind-the-scenes, Trae Young wants out of the Atlanta Hawks, immediately, and has made it known that he’s not going to re-sign. From management, coaching and teammates; he feels nobody in the organization wants to win. Considering he’s on track to pass LeBron James for the most 30-point games in a player’s first two years, he’s also on pace to lose 100 games in those seasons.

Originally, the Knicks wanted to pair Trae Young with Kristaps Porziņģis; but Portz he didn’t want to become a second or third option. Coincidentally, Kristaps ended up trading him for Dennis Smith Jr., who at the time was an emerging player. However, Dennis hasn’t worked out in the big apple (due to injuries), as the team is looking to get rid of him.

This week, reports surfaced that the Knicks coaching search had officially started, with Tom Thibodeau leading the pack. It’s been brought to our attention that the team is already moving like Thibs has the job, including their plans for October’s draft. Beforehand, many felt that LaMelo Ball would find his way to the Knicks, through the draft this year.

Apparently, Thibs isn’t looking to draft LaMelo, as he feels that a back court with him and Trae Young would be too small to compete and have no defense. We’re not sure why it’s being reported that they still are looking at LaMelo; but we guess to keep their name in the headlines.

In the draft, we expect Anthony Edwards to end up in New York, as he fits the system player Thibs would love (defensive lock and scoring wing). At the moment, the Knicks are packaging players for the fall off-season which includes: Julius Randle, Frank Ntilikina, Dennis Smith Jr. and Kevin Knox.

RJ Barrett remains the only untouchable player on the team, with Mitchell Robinson a toss-up if they decide to land another major name. Young, who’s an unrestricted free agent at the end of 2022 season, could be traded as soon as possible.

This season, Trae and Hawks head coach, Lloyd Pierce, have had internal issues with the direction of the team. Some feel the relationship can’t be fixed, at this point, as multiple blowups have happened.

Before they had so many injuries, the Hawks were actually competing against elite teams and started losing before the all-star break. In our opinion, Trae should stay in Atlanta, but it looks like the Knicks package of pieces and picks is something the Hawks are preferring.

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Knicks 2020 plans:

• Hire Tom Thibodeau
• Trade for Trae Young
• Draft Anthony Edwards
• Land Clint Capela (via Trae trade)
• Keep RJ Barrett (only safe player)

Team finally has cap space. .

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