The Real Reason Why Kyrie Irving Has to Miss the 2018 Playoffs

You won’t see this on ESPN. . .

Thursday morning, the Boston Celtics revealed that Kyrie Irving would have to miss the rest of the 2018 season – due to an infection discovered in his knee. With Gordon Hayward also still out of action, the team is gearing up for their upcoming post-season run without its two best players.

Before Boston made this news public about Uncle Drew missing the entire post-season, Danny Ainge made sure his first-round ticket sales were sold. Well, word on road, is that Kyrie could actually come back if he wanted to within the next three weeks. Before the revelation, Boston inserted plates into his knee, which caused the life-threatening infection. This led to the NBA Player’s Union of Michele A. Roberts, Chris Paul and LeBron James threatening to sue the Boston Celtics – allegedly.

With the bacterial infection occurring last week, through the screws in his knee; the team is running antibiotics through his body to make sure he improves. Gordon Hayward, who also is hurt being forced to sit-out by the union, has been running full contact basketball for nearly a month.

So, to avoid lawsuits for both players, the Celtics have no choice but to wait until next season to have their full team together. With possible roster shakeups imminent, Danny Ainge is aggressively looking to add a max-player this off-season. Let us know in the comments what you think.

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