The Real Reason Why the Lakers Didn’t Sign DeMarcus Cousins

If you know, you know?

Contrary to popular belief, Kobe Bryant loves LeBron James and is excited about the King joining his team. So much, that he’s still with the franchise working behind-the-scenes without his name being mentioned. His former agent, Rob Pelinka, is the current general manager and is helping build a team around LeBron – with direct input from Kobe and Magic Johnson.

So last week, many of you were wondering why the team didn’t jump at the chance of signing DeMarcus Cousins, who ended up in the lap of their now current rival, Golden State Warriors. Well, it’s simple – LeBron James didn’t want a part two of Isaiah Thomas in Cleveland.

Last season, IT was sidelined the first two months with a hurt hip; but still managed to put up respectable numbers in an injury-return year. Signing an injured Boogie, with an Achilles tear wasn’t in the plans for James, as he wanted to play an entire season with talent from opening night.

While we doubt this will be a championship year for the team, it looks like he’s actually wanting to help develop talent for the first time his career – which is a huge plus for them going forward.

At the moment, Cousins isn’t slated to return to the court until December at the earliest; but he’s already running summer drills and feels he could be back on the court before Thanksgiving.

Passing up on the best big man in the league could backfire them in the playoffs, but we understand why Kobe, LeBron and Magic aren’t fond of taking a chance on this injury.

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