EXCLUSIVE: The Real Story on Kevin Durant’s Verbal Commitment with Knicks Before Last Second JAY-Z Changes

He was forced to the Nets. . .

With NBA free agency days coming to an end, more information is still coming our way from anonymous sources. A few weeks ago, we broke down how JAY-Z took over New York with the Brooklyn Nets this summer, however that wasn’t the original plan.

Just days before the start of free agency, Kevin Durant had a verbal commitment with New York Knicks owner James Dolan to sign a max-deal this summer. Contrary to reports of Dolan not wanting to give KD a contract because of an injury, that wasn’t the case.

Apparently, James was willing to pay Durant any amount of money he was asking for under the salary cap and was in the early stages of working with Kyrie Irving. However, what cancelled their plans to the Garden, was Kyrie and JAY-Z, who wanted both the Roc Nation Sports members in Brooklyn all along.

Just days leading up to free agency, Durant was still under the impression that he was going to the Knicks; but that was until 72 hours before deals when Kyrie signed with Roc Nation. Irving had legit fears and concerns about Knicks management (like many other free agent superstars) and never wanted to play there.

Durant, who wanted to play in the bright lights of MSG, was essentially forced to sign with the Nets; because he couldn’t be Manhattan without any help.

So, there you have it, Dolan wasn’t the bad guy of this situation and JAY-Z snuck in for the kill with his tri-state friend Kyrie.

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