The Real Story on LeBron James’ Hidden Injury

They’re not thinking long-term. .

So, as you all know, LeBron James has been out of action for the last two weeks, leaving the Christmas massacre of the Golden State Warriors. Initial reports, revealed that the King had a strained left groin, which they listed him as day-to-day. Well, we’ve been told through sources that LeBron allegedly has a sports hernia injury – more severe than an injured groin.

This is likely to sideline him for longer than a month and possible more, since he’s not going to get surgery treatment. While Los Angeles is declining to undergo the knife this season, our guess is that he’ll be out until after all-star break. By then, the team should be able to keep a .500 record and make a push for the playoffs in the wide-open west.

Resting a sports hernia heals up, but he can’t continuously play at an elite level without feeling pain. Since the King will not be going under the knife for the first time ever in his career, this injury will linger the rest of 2019. Let us know in the comments what you think about Bron’s hidden injury.

Luke talking shit to ingram

ingram telling Bron & Luke to stfu

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