The Reason Why the Lakers Hired Frank Vogel as Head Coach with Jason Kidd

Why not Brian Shaw tho. . .

With Los Angeles Lakers fans officially protesting the team this weekend, Jeanie Buss has made the first power move this offseason. Saturday afternoon, the Lakers have officially hired Frank Vogel as the new head coach; with Jason Kidd one of his assistants. Prior to that, Tyron Lue was the leading candidate for getting the job; which would’ve been co-signed by LeBron James.

However, Coach Lue declined the job, citing uncertain security in the long-term, since he was going to move his family to Los Angeles. Anything under a five-year deal was out the plans for Lue, as he eventually moved on. This led to the team immediately looking at Vogel, who has no history of winning an NBA Championship or going to the Finals at all.

Before all of this went down, Kobe Bryant, who’s second in charge below Jeanie Buss; wanted Jason Kidd to originally come in and run the roster. Unfortunately, Boss Buss wasn’t in favor of an alpha-personality joining them and felt he would over-step boundaries in roster decisions.

This decision for Frank was the ideal person Jeanie Buss wanted for the team, as somebody who wouldn’t challenge her decision making. What the general public didn’t realize before the major news dropped today, was Phil Jackson wanting to hire him on the New York Knicks.

The assumption, is that Phil is serving as a secret consultant for the team, with former fiancé Jeanie and long-time friend, Kobe. Considering the team is already bracing themselves for major roster moves, Kidd is still there as the security blanket, who they’ll likely mold into the type of personality they want in Los Angeles.

It’s still unclear what will happen with the team, regarding various rumors floating, but LeBron has been outspoken on Lonzo Ball staying with the team. Bron and Zo are allegedly working on the business end together, after Ball left Big Baller Brand earlier this year.

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