Thunder Fans Show Love to Russell Westbrook in Return to Oklahoma City

Regardless of how things went down in Oklahoma City with Russell Westbrook this past offseason, Thunder fans love Brodie. They made sure they let him know how much he means to the city by giving him a standing ovation as he returned with his new team, the Houston Rockets.

Not only did Russ get a tribute video to start the game, but he got a cheerful welcome during the starting lineups and a standing ovation when he walked off the court once then final buzzer went off.

He greeted old teammates, members of the organization, former workers and more as he walked off the court.

Unfortunately, the Rockets could not hold off the Thunder, losing 113-92.

Westbrook had one of his best games of the season, scoring 34 points, and dishing out 5 assists (while James Harden had a quiet 17 points), but his old team spoiled the homecoming.

All in all, it was a wonderful night for Russ and after the game, he said he felt at home during his return to OKC.

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