The Timberwolves Sexual Misconduct Controversy Hinders Ben Simmons Trade & Why KAT is Pissed

Timberwolves Sexual Misconduct Controversy Hinders Ben Simmons Trade

should be happening soon. . .

Timberwolves sexual misconduct controversy hinders Ben Simmons trade, following the official Minnesota firing of their GM. This week, 76ers head coach, Doc Rivers was on ESPN this week to discuss the future of Ben Simmons. After throwing him under the bus last summer after their playoffs exit, Simmons and his group have been plotting moves.

So far, the Minnesota Timberwolves have been the most vocal about landing Simmons; as those quiet people behind-the-scenes have also told us to keep an eye on a deal with them. Now, this week, the T-Wolves formally fired their GM, Gersson Rosas, for ✌️performance✌️ reasons. In the same presser statement, the team confirmed that Mr. Rosas, who’s married, had a consensual intimate relationship with a member of the organization.

Considering this happens on every organization in sports, including owners, the team wanted that drama gone from the franchise. Several members of the organization felt uncomfortable about the situation, which happened right before 2022 season media day next Monday.

The team is currently in the middle of trying to make a play for Simmons, as this puts a temporary dark cloud over the franchise for the moment.

This move did not sit well with team star, Karl-Anthony Towns, who sent a WTF message on social media. While Minny seems locked on acquiring Ben Simmons, to pair him up with KAT and Anthony Edwards; they should be concerned about their star player.

KAT, was a big supporter of Gersson Rosas, who was one of the only people in the game he has trust with.

Now, with Mr. Rosas gone, this impacts the future of Towns, who has three years left on his contract. If things aren’t handled to his liking, they could have a Ben Simmons situation of their own in a year or two if the team isn’t trying to contend for title. Most NBA players talk about which players not to play with (see: LBJ) and the front offices of every franchise (see: NYK).

So, if Towns if feeling betrayed by the franchise making a major move without him having input, this planned Ben Simmons trade could be derailed.

9/27- Mandatory media day
9/28- First practice
10/1- 25% ($8.25M) of his salary owed
10/4- First preseason game (total of 4 games)
10/20- First regular season game

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