That Time Jalen Rose Dunked All Over Michael Jordan

Grantland (RIP) used to do these segments where Jalen Rose would tell a story that happened back in his playing days. During the past week or two of Jalen & Jacoby on ESPN 2, they’ve gone back to the vaults and dug up some of those classic videos. From the time Jalen robbed Patrick Ewing for his VHS TV at the airport to now, when he dunked on Michael Jordan.

Now before you go and assume it was MJ at his all-time glory, it wasn’t. He was on the Washington Wizards wearing the 4-5 and at the end of his days.

Regardless, it still made the story funny. Especially because he didn’t posterize him, he only dunked around him. Then he got rejected after talking shit too. He could have dropped 50 on Jordan but got too out of control and got himself booted from the game.

For those who didn’t catch this “Story Time” back in the Grantland days, catch up.

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