Tommy Dreamer Talks Bad Thoughts Wanting to Kill Paul Heyman at WrestleMania for ECW Closing

Of Course you know, this means war. . .

Tommy Dreamer talks wanting kill Paul Heyman WrestleMania, in this rare story to close out a crazy year in wrestling during 2020. Back in 2017, Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore was gaining significant momentum in the wrestling community. So much, that Tommy Dreamer revealed Vince McMahon’s WWE offered him money to close House of Hardcore.

This happened right before Cody Rhodes had the balls to launch All Elite Wrestling on TNT this year; which is shockingly competing with WWE Raw in the ratings. This month, QueenzFlip and DJ G Money had the wrestling legend on their FlipDaScript series; as he opened up on having bad thoughts for wanting kill Paul Heyman. It got to the point, where Heyman disappeared from the company in 2000; and left Tommy to fund the entire company himself.

With wrestlers not getting paid for months, things would eventually change when Dreamer took over for the span period. However, after losing their deal with The Nashville Network for ECW on TNN, the company had zero funding from a sponsor – leading to their demise in January 2001.

Tommy would go on to sign with WWE, as they mocked the original version of Extreme Championship Wrestling with some of the most idiotic ideas we’ve seen in wrestling. Sadly, for their fan base, things haven’t changed since the purchase of WCW and ECW in 2001; as they’re seeing karma with the way fans have tuned out of their product.

While there in Connecticut, Dreamer found out from Shane McMahon, that Heyman was allegedly under the payroll from Vince McMahon the entire time. Bully Ray Dudley once mentioned how he believed ECW was the minor leagues for WWF/E, before Vince felt talent were over enough to be called up to the majors.

Heyman and Dreamer would reconcile a few years ago on WWE Network for an ECW special with the Dudleyz and Taz. However, Dreamer found out Heyman sabotaged his plans of airing House of Hardcore on the WWE Network just two years ago. Listen to the wrestling legend speak about the entire situation/s below.

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