Tyler Ulis and Devin Booker Caught in Elevator Fight in Arizona

While the real reason Tyler Ulis was waived from the Phoenix Suns is not known as of now, his former teammate Devin Booker wasn’t pleased with the decision. Maybe part of it could be due to incidents like this involving his former teammate. In a recently released camera surveillance video, Ulis can be seen in a confrontation with people from a Tempe, AZ apartment complex during a weekend in 2017.

The clip shows Tyler holding the elevator open for his friends, when a group of men started talking shit and things got physical. A man in the elevator pushes Ulis and his friend holds him in a headlock until things spill into the hallway.

Booker can also be seen in the footage, headed up the scene and jumping in the mix.

Though he isn’t visibly in the altercation, the people with him definitely threw punches and were caught in the fight with the people who attacked Ulis.

How the organization and/or league will handle this remains to be seen, but it could certainly affect Tyler’s chances of getting signed next season. Fines and suspensions can also be punishments the two could face.

Booker recently signed a 5-year, $158 million contract extension with the Suns.

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