Vince Carter Shows Out From 3-Point Range Against Knicks in Preseason

This year, Vince Carter will be starting a historic 22nd season in the NBA (more than Robert Parrish, Kevin Garnett, etc.) and there is no denying he still has gas in the tank.

Last night against the New York Knicks in preseason, Vinsanity was knocking down buckets from deep. He has multiple shots and Julius Randle was the victim of his daggers on a few occasions. Though he stayed in Atlanta with the Hawks in a more mentoring role, Carter will prove time and time again that old men can still jump.

Those flashes will be awesome to watch this upcoming season.

Vince finished the game with 17 points in 23 minutes off the bench, while Trae Young held it down with 23 points and 9 assists for the starters.

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