Vince Carter Celebrates 40th Birthday with 360 Spin Reverse Layup

Age still isn’t nothing but a number for Mr. Carter!

Even with all of the injuries surrounding the Memphis Grizzlies this season, the team has surprisingly maintained position in western conference standings, for a potential post-season bid this April. Wednesday night, the team was home for an inter-conference meeting against the Toronto Raptors, who were looking to sneak up in standings on the vulnerable Cleveland Cavaliers.

Unfortunately, Marc Gasol’s 42 points were too much for the team to fathom – even with a last minute fourth quarter run. However, the highlight of the night was Vince Carter showing us why he is still half-man and half-amazing. During the second quarter, the 40-year-old showed us that he had some vert left in his skill set, pulling off an amazing 360-degree lay-up on his former team.

Those of you who may be too young to remember how insane his skills were back in the day – just take a look at the highlight reel below featuring some of his best dunks from years past.

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