Vince Carter Won’t Retire Just Yet, Doesn’t Want to Chase Rings

Shoutout to Vince Carter, man. He’s out here at 42 years old still contributing and showing the NBA what longevity really is.

Though the Atlanta Hawks isn’t contending for anything right now, he feels blessed that he can still play the game he loves. In an interview with Pardon the Interruption, he spoke to Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser about retirement and it seems like he’s coming back for another year. As of now, he still he has it in him to make it happen and if a team would have his services, he will sign up to play.

He also spoke on signing for a contending team to get a championship and Carter kept it a buck. He said he came up in a different era where guys didn’t sit at the end of a bench just to win a ring and he is not the type to do it. To him, getting minutes, being a mentor and just playing the game he loves is what’s most important.

Tony and Mike also asked him about playing as long as Tom Brady, talking to Dirk Nowitzky about getting out the game and speaking to old teammates.

Watch their interview up top.

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