AEW’s Success Prompts Vince McMahon to Desperately Start a TV War & Save WWE


Over the last year, WWE has seen their ratings, pay-per-view purchases and live ticket sales all decline significantly. In the mean time, Cody Rhodes and his business partners helped upstart a new wrestling promotion called All Elite Wrestling.

The company has been making huge strides in generating attention, including selling out every show, even before their pilot on TV airs. This has caused Vince McMahon to re-brand himself, with his ratings declining and viewers leaving the WWE (like us) for All Elite Wrestling.

As fans, we’ve been fucked by the product of WWE for the last 18 years, with no signs of even caring what their core audience wants. After John Cena quietly retired last year and his younger audience all reaching their teens now; WWE has casually shifted back into the TV-14 lane, eliminating their PG run.

Along with hiring Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff, to helm writing on both shows; Vince Mahon has officially gone in panic mode. Last month, All Elite Wrestling revealed that they would be airing a two-hour weekly live TV show on TNT, beginning October 2nd.

With WarnerMedia helping them on the TV end for digital distribution (through Bleacher Report App and YouTube), AEW has been hitting homeruns on every move they’ve made in just eight months of launching. From writing, booking, presentation, and the right people in charge; we’re completely on board with this company.

However, two weeks before AEW’s live TV debut on TNT; the WWE will be moving NXT from their WWE Network app to USA Network on September 18. This means that every week, we’ll be seeing a live head-to-head battle between AEW’s TNT show and WWE’s NXT on USA at 8:00pm ET.

It will be the first time in nearly twenty years that a live weekly battle from two wrestling promotions will happen (we can’t count TNA Impact, because it was bi-weekly).

The AEW success isn’t shocking to us, as fans have been dying for good wrestling on TV for the last 15 years. Let us know in the comments what you think of the news.

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