EXCLUSIVE: What LaVar Ball Really Wanted to Say in Exposing the Lakers But Couldn’t


This summer, we have a few exclusive stories on the Lakers that will be unveiled in the coming days. Yesterday, LaVar Ball was guest on Fox Sport 1’s Undisputed, who much like ESPN, has been looking for stories in on-air content. In a conversation with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, LaVar first revealed that he had a private conversation with Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka on drafting his son LiAngelo Ball. At the time, they originally both promised would draft him in 2018.

Surprisingly, the Lakeshow declined to take LiAngelo with any pick and of the draft and went in an entirely different direction. LaVar would go on reiterating that Magic Johnson was only the face of the organization and never had power behind-the-scenes. This led to him putting much blame on Luke Walton, for Lonzo Ball not properly developing in his sophomore year with LeBron James.

In comparison to having surgery like he did in 2018, Lonzo is going through rehab and is planning to be ready for next fall. Soon afer, Lavar opened up on feeling betrayal from Pelinka and Jeanie Buss; who agreed to draft Lonzo and promised to take LiAngelo like we’ve previously said.

BUT, THE ONE NAME HE WASN’T ALLOWED TO SAY OR MENTION ON LIVE TV, WAS KOBE BRYANT. KOBE, allegedly, is secretly running the Los Angeles Lakers and doesn’t want his name attached to any of it. So, if things go bad, like they did for Magic this year, the Mamba won’t face public backlash from media.

It’s gotten to the point where Rob Pelinka takes roster adjustment orders from Kobe, who’s allegedly gotten the greenlight from Jeanie to run the team. Prior to getting Lonzo Ball, Kobe Bryant was the person pushing for the team to draft his guy, Jayson Tatum.

Sadly, he ended up in Boston, but Kobe made sure he worked with him in the off-season to give him some tips and adjust his game. So, in a nutshell, he wanted to put Kobe on blast for wanting his son off the team. The Lakers promised LaVar that they would draft all three of his sons and have them on the team together after LeBron James retires in three years.

At the moment, Kobe is allegedly trying to get Lonzo Ball off the Los Angeles Lakers (see: Phoenix Suns or Chicago Bulls) and feels the team doesn’t need the circus that comes with his last name. The behind-the-scenes war, has aligned the Ball family and LeBron James against Kobe, Rob and Jeanie.

However, those three still want LeBron to remain on the team; and are about to pull off a series of free agents moves and trades in the coming weeks. We’ll get to the LeBron James and Kobe Bryant power struggle; which hasn’t been mentioned by ESPN or FOX Sports this year after the NBA Finals. LeBron might not like what Kobe’s about to do, but it’s going to be good for him and original LakeShow fans.

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