EXCLUSIVE: What We’re Hearing About the Kevin Love & Cavaliers Beef Situation before Trade Deadline

Heading back west?

During the summer of 2018, Kevin Love agreed to a 4-year, $120M deal to stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers long-term. This was shortly after LeBron James blame him for a finals loss to the best basketball team of the 2010s, the Golden State Warriors. With Kevin’s wife and family happy in Cleveland, the general feeling was that Mr. Love would be staying with the Cavs; until he’s an unrestricted free agent in 2023.

However, Kevin had a private meltdown with the team, which for some reason became public in articles posted everywhere. This sadly continued to on-court frustration with the front office and has been going on for weeks. After last night’s game, Love jumped on the gram issuing an apology to his entire teammates, saying that he wasn’t mad at them. This was more so insinuating that he was annoyed at management for failed promises.

The Cavs want love to stay, but Cleveland isn’t an attractable destination for marquee free agents. The team has had trouble two off-seasons in landing decent players. As we mentioned above, Kevin’s wife loves the town; but she realizes that her husband is wasting away his final years in his current situation.

This isn’t Love forcing himself out of Cleveland. However, the team is already in advanced talks of moving the expiring contract of Tristan Thompson; who’s due $18 million this season. We’re hearing that packaged deal of both players is currently the team’s plan.

Portland, who had previous interest in Thompson, are the preferred destination many have been reporting for Love. The Los Angeles Lakers & Los Angeles Clippers have been mentioned, for whatever reason in landing K-Love; but both teams already salary cap restricted.

The Lakers focus, is giving Anthony Davis a super-max; then landing another superstar during the summer of 2021, when LeBron’s contract ends. During Saturday’s shoot around, Love engaged in a public outburst, where he screamed at general manager Koby Altman, in an emotional message.

While calling out the front office, the team will likely look to get rid of this distraction as soon as possible. The rebuild process during Love’s good years to chase another ring, wasn’t something that we expected to last anyway. Let us know in the comments what you think.

Other than the Portland Trail Blazers showing interest; a team to watch out for that wants Kevin Love, is the Houston Rockets, who have no interior force. Love is teenage friends with Russell Westbrook from their college years, as well as spending time with James Harden on Team USA. This is the ideal trade team we expect to make something happen.

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