WWE’s Paige Reportedly Being Forced to Retire after Serious Injury

The career of Paige is likely coming to an end

Through the bulk of 2016 and 2017, Paige was sidelined from professional wrestling with numerous injuries – most notably being her neck. However, last holiday season, she made a surprise in-ring return on an edition of Monday Night Raw. Unfortunately, that comeback was cut short, as the England-bred diva suffered a serious neck injury at a house show two weeks ago.

The career-threatening injury came at the hands of an accidental drop kick from Sasha Banks. Paige soon collapsed to the ground and couldn’t move after the kick. Referees on hand were forced to stop the match immediately and help the performer to the dressing room, where doctors ran test.

While the WWE hasn’t publicly acknowledged her status, PWInsider has reported that Paige will have to retire as an in-ring performer, after having multiple second opinions on her neck.

The company reportedly told the 25-year-old performer about the decision earlier last week, which many are comparing to Edge’s neck injury that also forced him to retire nearly seven years ago. Paige opted to not discuss the topic on her social media accounts saying, “2018 will be my year.”

Take a look at the clips below.

Original neck injury

Paige at Raw confirming injury

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