The MLB’s Forced Move Against PS5 could Lead to Madden, Call of Duty & NBA 2K Also Being Free on Xbox

2014 Original Article | Digital vs. Physical: A Look Into The Future Of Gaming

How Microsoft is being right ran now, is comparable to Disney and their huge success with motion pictures and their streaming service. Xbox Game Pass is also the only great thing to happen to video gaming since the PlayStation 2. Back in 2014, in the article referenced above, we perfectly predicted the future of gaming, with everyone going digital by the time we make it to the PS5.

The bulk revenue of games is coming from DLC and streaming, a method used by Apple Music and Spotify in recent years. Now, earlier this week, it was revealed that Major League Baseball, yes, the MLB, forced Sony to bring The Show to Xbox consoles. This marked the first time ever, the game would be released on a Microsoft platform, since its introduction back in 2006.

However, what’s even more shocking, is that MLB The Show 21 will be available FREE DAY ONE on Xbox Game Pass. If you’re a subscriber to the 15-a-month service on Xbox, you’ll get to have the game at midnight, and will last you the entire season. Last week, Square Enix became the first third-party company to launch a AAA-title on Game Pass, with the highly-anticipated release for Outriders.

Some have gone as far as to say that it might be the best game released this year; and it’s completely free on Xbox. However, most companies are believing in the Game Pass model; thanks to popular titles like Minecraft and Destiny 2. The basic explanation, is that these companies just want you in the door, FREE, which added DLC will have fans sticking around.

We believe that Call of Duty on Game Pass day one is something to expect; as many will have no problem paying for the Season Pass. One of our most anticipated titles ever year, Madden, could also be a day-one release on Game Pass; considering Microsoft already has EA Play included with their service.

Now, the release we’re shocked people spend thousands on every year, is NBA 2K. Since last winter, NBA 2K21 has been free on Game Pass, which has resulted in 2K Sports earning their highest quarter ever under the Take-Two Interactive umbrella. With their MyTeam packs and MyCareer player builders being the way how many play the game; we can’t see them not releasing day-one on Game Pass.

They just want you in the door, like a strip club. Once you get in, you’ll want to spend money.

This is all prediction, sort of, so let us know in the comments if you would want these titles day-one.

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