NBA 2K23 Covert Athlete Leaked after Devin Booker Standard Edition News

NBA 2K23 Covert Athlete, Release Date, News 2022

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NBA 2K23 covert athlete, release date, news 2022 revealed ahead of the upcoming major unveiling later this month in Las Vegas. With 2K Sports set to reveal gameplay footage and online details this summer, a new leak has happened.

In follow-up to Shams Charania revealing Devin Booker would be the standard cover athlete for NBA 2K23, more information has emerged. Through various outlets of the 2K Community, it has been leaked that Michael Jordan will be the cover guy for NBA 2K23 this fall. Considering this is the 23rd year of the century, 2K is taking advantage of this opportunity to get the GOAT on the cover again.

Take a look at the leaked media photo found on twitter below.

NBA 2K23 is scheduled for September 2022.

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