Nintendo is Readying a ‘Super Nintendo Classic Edition’ Console for Holiday 2017

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Last year, one of the most unexpected things to happen, was Nintendo’s NES Classic system having more buzz and hype than the current crop of consoles. With the company, just weeks removed from releasing their hybrid model Switch device, the Big N has plans for another big holiday.

According to leaked reports online this week, the Japanese conglomerate is aggressively planning to release a SNES Classic Edition this year. It’s unclear what games will be included; but we expect issues of the unit shortages, controller cable length and hardware malfunctioning to be addressed before it’s holiday seventeen release. Unfortunately, Nintendo discontinued production of the NES Classic Edition a few days ago; citing they didn’t want it to become a long-term product.

We’re sure that classics like Zelda, Super Metroid, Mega Man and multiple Mario titles will be included for launch; but hopefully Chrono Trigger finds its way on the device.

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