Sony Reportedly Has ‘PlayStation 5’ Release Date Ready

PS5 coming next year?

We’re assuming, since Microsoft is constantly promoting their upcoming Scorpio console as the most powerful system ever made; this may have struck a nerve with Sony. So now the battle of who holds the biggest device in the hardware realm is apparently getting real. According to Macquarie Capital Securities analyst, Damian Thong, Sony is planning a holiday 2018 launch for the PlayStation 5.

Two years, ago, Mr. Thong correctly predicted pending releases for the PlayStation 4 Neo and Slim consoles, which both rolled out late 2016. This week, Sony celebrated the 60 million ship goal of PS4s worldwide, so their focus could be transitioning to completely new hardware.

Microsoft is currently gearing for a formal introduction of their next-gen 4K Scorpio console at e3, which is expected to be up to three times as powerful as the PlayStation 4.

While the world is getting ready for the June presentation from Microsoft, Sony could quickly steal away all of its thunder with first details for the imminent device. The Japanese company surprisingly has seen an overall business profit increase for their gaming division – its highest since 1998.

Look for more details and developers to tease what could be in store from both companies.

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