The Nintendo Switch Console Reportedly Loses Half of Graphics Power when Mobile


Deal Breaker? Nope……

Since its debut trailer last month, we’ve been more intrigued for Nintendo’s upcoming Switch console – even more so than both console releases for PlayStation and Xbox One. However, this week, Eurogamer has come across some eye-raising news for the big shiny piece of hardware.

According to specifications for developers creating upcoming third party titles, the Switch’s GPU loses significant power when taken out of its dock. This means when you decided to switch the device to mobile settings, it’ll run at only 40% of its full speed when on-the-go.

Developers still have the option to run their games on slower configuration, so gamers won’t complain about the drop off; but we’re hopeful Nintendo makes a mandatory 1080p and 60fps rule as the standard. Look for more details when the Switch has its first public debut on January 13th.

TV 768MHz | Mobile 307.2MHz

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