Why Sony is Bringing More 1st Party Games to PC after Recent Partnership with Microsoft

EXCLUSIVE: Microsoft & Sony are Working Together to Battle Major Companies after Bethesda Deal, What Media Doesn’t Know

Last year, Microsoft and Sony announced a partnership for the future of gaming, with cloud dedicated servers. With Microsoft helping out Sony on the backend with their online work, they also agreed to allow Bethesda titles to release on PlayStation 5 after their acquisition of the company last holiday.

In return, we’ve already seen MLB The Show release on Xbox for the first time ever, as Sony is looking to further its library on multi-platforms. Last month, it was confirmed that by PlayStation boss, Jim Ryan, that more games from Sony would be coming to PC. This is beyond the botched release of Horizon Zero Dawn, which will never happen again with a title running significantly lower on Windows.

This essentially goes back to the Bethesda with Microsoft and their want to have Xbox Game Pass on virtually any device. Considering Microsoft believes they can generate the most revenue on the backend on game streaming, they’re not looking to compete with Sony anymore in the console department.

They’re basically treating the Xbox platform like their Windows and Tablet department, with sole focus on third-party distribution. This doesn’t mean the Xbox brand is going to end anytime soon, but Sony feels more comfortable releasing content on Windows heading forward. To avoid Bethesda being completely Microsoft exclusive, you’ll still be able to purchase those games at full retail value.

Let us know what PlayStation games you’d like to see on PC.

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