Xbox Series X Streaming on iPhone is Pandora’s Box to a Bigger Plan with Helping Sony’s PlayStation 5

MS + Sony

Over the weekend, we revealed that Microsoft and Sony would be working together after the Bethesda deal. Both companies are trying to salvage themselves from upcoming major roll-outs from Google and Amazon. The future of gaming is moving from console based to cloud tech, which is already happening with certain games.

Earlier this month, Xbox Game Pass was revealed for Android devices, allowing gamers to try out their favorite games on-the-go. Well, a few days ago, Microsoft sent out a private app that will allow remote play for Xbox Series X and Series S, after the November 10th launch.

Unfortunately, cloud gaming won’t be available day-one for next-gen, but that doesn’t mean it won’t arrive in the coming months. During the Bethesda announcement, Phil Spencer of Microsoft, teased the possibly of cloud gaming for upcoming next-gen titles.

This means, you won’t have to be at home to play any next-generation Xbox Series X/S title that’s released. This could in-fact change the gaming industry forever, as some won’t even need a next-gen Xbox to play titles. Although it’ll have lower resolution and frame-rate issues, everyone will be getting titles that come to Game Pass.

We’ve explained that Microsoft’s only goal is to make money, whether the Xbox Series X/S sales or not. PlayStation, who has their own remote-play app out for iPhone, has been hesitant on having their own monthly service for newer titles.

The Netflix-styled transition is something they’ll have ready for late 2021, when Sony announces the merger of PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus. Microsoft will be helping them for the cloud-end of things, as well as making Bethesda games day-one on the PS5.

There is no exclusive fan-boy war they’re worried about, Microsoft is coming to put work on everyone’s block every gaming platform and device.

to breakdown the Bethesda deal again. . .

Microsoft: will make every Bethesda free on Series X, PC and platforms that support xbox game pass

Sony: will get every Bethesda title on day-one, but will cost $70 bucks each title. Getting help from Microsoft with their own exclusive cloud-gaming service.

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