2 Chainz & Steve Stoute Talk Business Deals in #CrateTalk Ep. 1

Not only is Rap Or Go To the League supposed to inspire folks musically, but 2 Chainz has more where that came from. As part of the roll-out, he is linking with some people in the business to shed some light on what they’ve done in hopes they motivate the new generation watching or anyone who is a fan of him.

In #CrateTalk, he will be interviewing people that inspire him and have made an impact on the culture. First up: the legendary Steve Stoute.

In their talk, Stoute went through his long resume of what he’s done in the game. From creating the theme song for Martin, working with Nas, helping cook up the “I’m Loving It” jingle for McDonald’s and signing Enrique Iglesias. He also spoke on some regrets, one of which was not signing Alicia Keys when he had the chance.

Lastly, Tit explained why he didn’t sign to JAY Z during the Watch the Throne days. He explained that he stayed loyal to DJ Tekniks since Hov didn’t want to fly him out, even though he was telling them that he helped put him in the position where his music was on their radar.

It’s a dope episode. We’ll be watching the rest.

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