Apple TV Will Reportedly Support 4K Content for Fifth Generation Boxes


After 8 years, Apple TV is finally evolving again. . .

Nearly two years ago, it was revealed that Apple TV would reportedly launch a new live TV streaming service – featuring ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and other major networks. Well, soon after, the company announced and presented the public with original video content, after the new look Apple Music service released. If you were a consumer of the 4th generation model last year, that featured the popular addition of Siri voice control, 4K was one of the main missing features.

Although the 2160p dimension is just now breaking into the mainstream, it caused us to step away from taking the platform serious, until that issue was resolved. This week, Bloomberg reports that next installment of the Apple TV will finally support more vivid colors in HDR presentation.

As early as this year, we could see the fifth-generation model hitting retailers, as Apple plans to be your sole source of home entertainment. The news comes just a week after Caavo unveiled their $400 system, that lets users unite services from Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Xbox One, HBO, Showtime, Chromecast live cable TV and even Apple TV, for a single interface.

For those of you impatient to wait on the next Apple TV and have no plans of switching TV providers, the Caavo might be what you’re looking for. Xbox One-S is also a nice alternative for 4K content.

Meet the Caavo!


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