Dave Chappelle Explains Why the President is Bad for Comedy


Chappelle invades Netflix this Thursday night!

In a conversation with CBC News, Dave Chappelle went discuss the current health of comedy. He touched on loving the current crop of comedians and past legends, who’ve kept the genre secure – which has made him inspired to return. The interview with the Canadian network continued into him discussing how Donald Trump has surprisingly been bad for the comedy business.

Dave believes most comedians are doing repetitive work in clubs; and cited that the lack of original content and ideas being the main factor. Normally, Chappelle would agree it’s the best thing to happen to the business. However, due to the lack of original content and even more laziness to not come up with authentic ideas, has him second guessing. Watch more from the chat, where he also opens up on a potential third special with Netflix to close out the year.

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