Disney Addresses Live-Action Marvel Series & R-Rated Content for Streaming Service

Coming Fall 2019. . .

Last year, Disney confirmed they were removing their content from Netflix, to help upstart their streaming service. This week, Deadline shares more news regarding their upcoming platform’ which hasn’t been given an official name or subscription price.

It was revealed that that the service will have no R-rated content, which those movies and shows will end up on Hulu (Disney holds a stake on that service). Regarding live-action Marvel series on Netflix, the shows within the Defenders Universe will likely stay on the platform.

At the moment, Disney is looking to start production for five new TV series and five original films, which will cost them up to $35 million each for 10 episodes. Before the conversation ended, Disney boss Big Iger cited that ambitious projects could be budged as high as $100 million.

Considering that the Disney streaming service is set to become family friendly, we expect Hulu to absorb the bulk of that content, along with new TV series (this means a new Marvel Universe).

Netflix Breaks Silence on Losing Marvel Shows



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