Disney Shares Details for Live-Action Star Wars Series on Streaming Service

This is insane

Back in September, the Walt Disney Company revealed they were removing all of their Star Wars and Marvel content from Netflix to upstart their own streaming company. As many await to find out whether or not Netflix will get strong-armed into selling like 21st Century FOX, the giant has shared some major news this week. Walt Disney Company, CEO Bob Iger confirmed that the studio was readying an official live-action Star War television show for their upcoming streaming service.

With the exception of Lucasfilm having production involvement, nothing else was revealed about the untitled series launching on their online streaming television service. Before going into semi-retirement a few years ago, George Lucas had been working aggressively to get something out to the public from the Star Wars Universe. Considering how Disney is aggressively looking to get this service rolled-out next year, we expect Mr. Lucas to have some type of involvement in at least the pilot premiere. Look for more details in early 2018 regarding the live-action Star Wars.

Disney is Removing Star Wars & Marvel Content from Netflix



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