Donald Glover Talks ‘The Lion King,’ His Future in Music & Beyonce

The Lion King is set to impact next week and Disney is gearing up to recoup at the box office for the live-action remake of their classic animated film.

Not only was it announced that Beyoncé would be curating the movie soundtrack and have new songs on there, but last night, Donald Glover also showed up in Hollywood to talk to Jimmy Kimmel Live! about the project and what’s been going with him lately as far as music and pairing up with Queen Bey.

As far as the film, he talked about playing the part of Simba, performing with Bey and what to expect from the Disney classic.

When it came to the music, he said he would like to keep performing but he’s not quite sure about Childish Gambino and the future. He emphasized how much he loves making music and he doesn’t seem like he wants to stop.

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