LeBron James & Todd Gurley Talk Difference Between NFL & NBA

A new episode of The Shop is hitting HBO on Friday, December 21 at 10pm and to get people excited about it, they have released a new excerpt from the series.

In this clip, LeBron James talks to Todd Gurley, about how the NBA is all about potential, while the NFL is about what you can do on the field every Sunday, Thursday night or Monday night. Gurley explained that in the NFL, “your best ability is your availability” and LBJ elaborated that the best example of this is Tom Brady taking Drew Bledsoe‘s starting spot after he got hurt.

We caught another trailer on TNT earlier tonight and it featured people like Nas and Mary J. Blige. This preview features Jimmy Kimmel, Ice Cube and Chris Bosh, though they didn’t say much during this particular part.

Be ready for more episodes of James’ The Shop this winter.

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