Watch the Debut Trailer for X-Men’s ‘The Gifted’ Live-Action Series

The Gifted: Official Trailer

Earlier this year, Marvel explained its new X-Men TV Series plans for The Gifted. Unlike FX’s Legion, which is set its own story, The Gifted will directly tie into the X-Men Movie Universe and will likely have cross-over plans down the line is the show sticks around past its freshman introduction.

Today, FOX drops the official trailer for the high-profile drama series, giving a brief look at what to expect. The trailer features some generic scenes of suburban high school life of the Strucker family, until the two ordinary parents discover their children have mutant abilities.

Now on the run, their only luck at surviving an infiltration from the government is to link with an underground community of mutants who fight every day to survive. Take a look at the FOX Fall ‘17 standout series, which will premiere Mondays at 9:00pm ET/PT – coincidentally after DC’s Lucifer.

This is a burden, but it’s also a gift. See the official trailer for @thegiftedonfox May 15th. #AreYouGifted

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