Meek Mill Opens Up About Justice Reform for Dateline NBC

Although we saw part of Meek Mill‘s interview with Lester Holt shortly after he got out of prison, Dateline ran the entire story last night. Titled Dreams and Nightmares: The Meek Mill Story, this chronicles a talk Meek had with NBC when he was imprisoned and his sit-down with the network following his release.

Throughout the 40-minute interview takes cameras behind-the-scenes as he was picked up by a helicopter and flown to the Philadelphia 76ers playoff game to ring the Liberty Bell, as well as personal conversations Meek had with family members as a free man. He also opens up about not feeling free even though he’s not in jail and the fact his probation has kept him in the system since 19-years old.

He also wants to use his platform to shed light on criminal justice, and help those who struggle with what he has, to bring reform.

Watch the entire special over at NBC.

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