NYPD Officer Investigating Gang Activity Shot Dead in the Bronx, Audio of Incident Released

NYPD Illegally Investigated 50 Cent, 6ix9ine & More in Leaked Documents

Sunday afternoon, the Bronx was met with some bad news, as an NYPD officer was killed. In a sense, that locals wearing blue will be looking to retaliate for a fallen member of their camp. 33-year-old Brian Mulkeen, who was investigating gang activity in The Bronx Anti-Crime Unit, was shot and killed on Sunday morning.

According to the NYPD’s report, Mulkeen and a partner seen a person they recognized from the system to boost their stats got out of their vehicle to randomly question a man. The man, who was revealed to be on probation for a narcotics-related arrest last year, had a pretty lengthy criminal record; including several priors.

Well, the unidentified man got into a struggle with Mulkeen and, multiple shots were fired. The NYPD cop was said to of died soon after from gunshot wounds at a nearby hospital.

The unknown man fled on feet, until five other officers saw what happened and fired multiple shots – killing him instantly.

Considering the – 47th Precinct of the NYPD is right in front of projects of Edenwald, we’re hopeful that innocent people won’t face harassment, since the NYPD did lose one of their own.

Take a look at media below.

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