SHAQ Makes Fun of Charles Barkley’s Acting in “Space Jam”

Aside from last night’s Inside The NBA talking about the controversial non-foul at the end of the San Antonio Spurs vs. Oklahoma City Thunder game, there was another debate that was brewing in the studio. Whether Kazaam was better than Space Jam.

It all started when Ernie Johnson announced the news of Space Jam 2 with LeBron James being in the works and Charles Barkley asking who would play him in the new film.

That’s when hilarity ensued.

The whole cast started roasting Chuck for his acting skills, with Kenny Smith saying the movie is trash in 2016. The cast even questioned Barkley to see if he knew the players that the Monstars stole their skills from and he only got one right. The segment ended with them showing Charles’ acting skills on the court when he got hurt and SHAQ mocking his acting from the clip in the movie.

Pure comedy.

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