Showtime Has Renewed “The Affair” for Season 4


We’re more than halfway through the third season of The Affair and we have no idea what is happening with Noah right now. The man is a goddamn mess. Addicted to Vicodin, seeing hallucinations, constantly having nightmares, and on a path of self destruction.

Luckily, we’ll get another season of this love triangle and drama.

Network president and CEO David Nevins announced Monday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour that the Showtime show has been renewed for a fourth season.

That means that Alison may not get her daughter back, Cole and Luisa might split, Helen can bait Noah into coming home, Cole might fuck Alison again, Noah’s kids could still hate him, Gunther could actually kill Noah or the truth about what happened the night that Scotty died could all come to the surface. There’s still a few episodes to find out.

The Affair‘s season finale airs Sunday, January 29 at 10pm EST.

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