Verizon Gives Update on Launch for Delayed Live-Streaming TV Service

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Like Apple TV’s long-awaited live-streaming service, Verizon Communications Inc. is also facing several hurdles from launching a product to the public. This week, Bloomberg reported that Verizon is now eyeing a spring 2018 launch, at the earliest, for their TV service.

The idea had only been made public last March, as the communications giant pulled FiOS services from California, Texas and Florida last year. Due to the AT&T regional takeover of the southern and west coast regions, they had to rethink plans in the east coast.

Luckily, for those who aren’t fond of the new services from AT&T and Xfinity in those areas, will have another major provider to choose from next year. While package pricing hasn’t been revealed, Verizon is trying secure enough major networks and make the service intriguing for consumers.

At the moment the company is on the verge of completing negotiation deals for the big four, as well as figuring out a way to incorporate online streaming TV to smartphone and home data plans.

Unfortunately, they still have to play catch-up to DirecTV Now, PlayStation Vue, Sling TV and YouTube TV, not to mention a pending roll-out for Apple TV as well. Let us know if you’re intrigued on the idea of getting a live streaming service from Verizon and which company is currently is your provider.


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