Wack 100 Blames 9-Trey Bloods for 6ix9ine Snitching, Addresses Criticism for DJ Akademiks Interview

Wack 100 Blames 9-Trey Bloods for 6ix9ine Snitching

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Wack 100 blames 9-Trey Bloods for 6ix9ine snitching, after receiving criticism for the sit-down conversation from DJ Akademiks releasing soon. In a few days, Wack 100 will be appearing as the first guest of DJ Akademiks’ upcoming debut podcast.

The episode is set to feature an official faceoff with 6ix9ine, to discuss the decisions he made to turn federal informant and help take down Tr3yway. In the past few days, the Los Angeles native had drawn serious criticism from real individuals in the streets, puzzled at why someone with Wack’s history would do this.

To double down on the Tekashi situation, Wack 100 spoke with DJ Self about the entire situation in full below.

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