Warner Bros. Announces Director for ‘Suicide Squad 2’

Sorry Mel Gibson & Jaume Collet-Serra

After witnessing Wonder Woman become one of the year’s beloved films, Warner Bros. has been intrigued for the future of the DC Universe – to say the least. The film company is looking to fast-track Suicide Squad 2, followed by an immediate Joker & Harley Quinn project.

However, those plans seem to be on hold until late 2018, when Will Smith is available from other major film obligations. This week, Warner confirmed that Gavin O’Connor would officially direct and write the pending project for DC’s antiheroes. O’Connor is previously known for his work on classics The Accountant and Warrior, edging out Mel Gibson for the project.

While production isn’t set to begin until late 2018 (or early 2019); box office success and fan reception of Justice League in a few weeks could be a deciding factor if DC has a shot any momentum against Marvel before The Batman. Let us know what you think of the hiring.

Warner Bros. Reportedly Delaying ‘Suicide Squad 2’ for Will Smith


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