2pac’s Last Week Alive To Be Told in “7 Dayz” Movie


R.I.P. Tupac Amaru Shakur

A new 2pac film is in the works but it’s coming from a different perspective. Instead of telling his story or recreating his life, 7 Dayz will be told by Gobi M. Rahimi, a man close to Tupac Shakur during his time on this earth. Rahimi actually directed and produced various videos for ‘Pac, most of which came for classic songs from his catalog. His new project will give his recount of what happened during 2pac’s final seven days, after being shot in Las Vegas as a victim of a drive-by after the infamous Mike Tyson fight.

Although Rahimi had the chances to sell his unreleased footage and pictures to the highest bidder, he has chosen not to, because of everything 2pac taught during the time he was alive. He actually wrote the document that fired Suge Knight as his manager and David Kenner weeks before he got shot. That should tell you how close the two were.

“I was inspired to tell this story because I believe that ‘history is written by great people’s contemporaries’. I was witness to Tupac’s final days and I owe it to him and to the world to tell this story. Tupac taught me three fundamental truths. He proved day in and day out what it really means to be True to yourself and your calling. Pac showed me what its like to live life without any Limits. His Loyalty to his family, friends and co-workers taught me the true meaning of that word. Over the last twenty years it was these principles that kept me from selling my footage to the highest bidder and finding an honest way to bring his legacy to life.

Just to be clear, this is a narrative feature film, not a documentary.”

7 Dayz needs $300,000 funding for it to come to fruition, though. If you believe in the cause and want to donate to Rahimi, head over to his Indiegogo page and pledge some cash.

If this comes to life, it’ll be a must watch for any ‘Pac fan.

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