U.S. Federal Government Officially Dropping ALL Charges Against 6ix9ine Before Sentencing

Out in 72 hours. . .

For whatever, there’s a growing belief in the entertainment world that 6ix9ine will receiving time this Wednesday; when he’s formally sentenced for play in connections to the Nine Tr3yway Bloods. However, that’s not the case, as the U.S. Federal Government, probation department and the defense attorney have officially come to terms to give 6ix9ine time served.

6ix9ine is set to be released from jail in less than 72 hours, and will appear in court to be sentenced to one-year and a day. Under FEDs sentencing guidelines, the mandatory minimum of 47 years in prison will be cut to time served.

It’s expected that he’ll immediately leave the court, with security, after Federal Judge Paul Engelmayer goes through with the final call. Considering both the FEDS and the DA are both on the same page, for this serious case, Judge Engelmayer is putting trust in both parties for Tekashi.

Look for 6ix9ine to address everything in a few days.

Examining 6ix9ine’s Letter vs. Shotti & Tr3yway to U.S. District Court Before Sentencing

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